SANGSTRE Smart Audio Glasses-Bluetooth 5.1-Touch & Voice Control-IPX 4 Waterproof-Seamless Device Switching-Integrated Charging Case-Square


Price: $99.99
(as of Dec 19, 2023 14:13:56 UTC – Details)

Product Description

SSSS SangStre High-End Smart Glasses

When you own it, you not only own a pair of stylish and durable glasses, but also a device that allows you to listen to music anytime and anywhere, and surprisingly, it is so smart and convenient.

What is a high-end smart audio glasses?

SangStre’s definition of high-end smart glasses is that they should first be excellent pairs of glasses with high-quality craftsmanship, and materials, and designed to be fashionable, durable, and comfortable to wear.

Secondly, a good sound speaker is necessary.

Finally, there must be great intelligent settings to truly combine audio with glasses for daily use.

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