Rayolon Solar Ground Lights, Waterproof Garden Upgraded Outdoor Bright in-Ground Landscape Lights for Pathway,Yard,Deck,Lawn,Patio,Walkway (12 Pack Warm Light)…


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Product Description


During transportation, the light switch may be accidentally turned on, which consumes electricity and is difficult to charge. After receiving the light, please turn the switch to ON (Turn it OFF at night), and place it in a sunny place for 3 days before installing and using the light (keep the switch ON during normal use.).Before using the brackets, it is best to loosen the soil with a shovel and dig a suitable hole for the brackets (so as not to directly push them into the brackets and damage them).Please keep the solar panels as clean as possible (dirty panels are not conducive to solar energy storage).For best results, please install the lights in a place where there is direct sunlight and no obstacles. (Avoid installing on tile eaves, trees, window sills and other places with shade and obstacles. The more direct sunlight the solar ground lights receives during the day, the longer it will be on at night)If there is no strong sunlight or in winter, it may take longer to fully charge the lights.


Make your night scene more beautiful~

Perfect for your path / garden / terrace / lawn / driveway etc.

Solar power design, no additional cable wiring is required.

When it receives solar energy on a sunny day, the light is fully charged with the help of an integrated light sensor, and it will automatically light up at night for up to 6-10 hours (affected by the weather), and will automatically turn off during the day.

Made of stainless steel and ABS materials, it can be sealed well and effectively isolate water and fog. It can still work effectively in bad weather conditions.

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