MOES Zigbee Smart Switches 2 Gang, No Netural Wire, Require MOES Zigbee Hub, Double Inteligente Light Switch, Work with Alexa Google Assistant, Support Tuya Smart Life


Price: $33.99
(as of Dec 24, 2023 03:16:06 UTC – Details)

Product Description

zigbee B switchzigbee B switch

This MOES smart Zigbee switch,

requires 2.4GHz WiFi connection, not 5G.

Note: MOES Zigbee Switch doesn’t support Smartthing, Homekit and IFTTT.

smart switch 4 gang smart switch 4 gang

Require MOES Zigbee Hub

If you want to use the intelligent functions of this switch, such as voice control, remote control, etc., you need to use it in conjunction with the MOES Gateway that is compatible with tuya zigbee protocol.

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