Method Lights ML-Direct Plus Screw in Picture Light LED, Home Improvement Light Fixture Ready & Art Studio


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Product Description

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Method Lights ML-Direct Plus Screw in Picture Light LED

Home Improvement Light Fixture Ready & Remote Control

ml direct plus led lightml direct plus led light


Screws “directly” into existing lighting fixture

This LED smart bulb uses True Color Light technology with 11 color temperature settings, ranging from 2700°K to 7000°K, 95+CRI and dimmer which allows you to bring out the true beauty of any work of art. The included remote control also has two memory settings, timer and 24 hr repeat cycle.

The ML Direct has many features that you can control with the included remote. The ML Direct allows you to see your art in ways not possible with any other picture light.

The ML-Direct PLUS is the next generation picture light LED that screws into any existing standard light fixture. Featuring True Color Light technology. This patented art illumination system is engineered to provide the highest quality light and functionality. True Color Light technology integrates all of the critical elements of truly great museum-level lighting.

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