Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer – Jar Vacuum Sealer for Canning Jars with Mouth and Regular Mason Lids, Vacuum Sealing Machine for Food Storage, Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer Kit Compatible with Food Saver


Price: $39.99 - $23.99
(as of Nov 27, 2023 17:23:04 UTC – Details)

Product Description

UNERVER M11 Electric Mason Jar vacuum Sealer kit

mason jar vacuum sealermason jar vacuum sealer

Why Choose Our Electric Mason Jars Vacuum Sealer?

1. We are a professional manufacturer and developer of Mason Jar Sealing Vacuum Machine with professional technology and strict quality control!

2. Our mason jar vacuum sealer upgraded enhanced motor, Up to -80kPa, Strongly Powerful Suction meeting your sealing foods.

3. We have complimentary 12 Pcs labels for you, You can use them to record the start date of food or name. Save your money and you will know the shelf life of your food.

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