Clyerset Fingerprint Door Knob, Keyless Entry Door Lock with 4 Ways to Unlock, Biometric Door Lock for Home/Storage/Bedroom/Office and Other Private Spaces (with APP)


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Smart door knob

Replacing mechanical locks

Fingerprint locks can better replace mechanical locks. If you don’t want children or others to enter at will, they will be your good helper, protecting privacy while avoiding embarrassment;

More intelligent app management

If there is no app application, user management is a headache because it is difficult to remember all users, and it is also difficult to know when they will unlock and enter, or cancel some user permissions according to the situation; Fingerprint lock and application programs effectively solve this problem;

One app can manage multiple Smart lock

When you change most of the locks in the whole house into Smart lock, you can use one app to add all locks, so you don’t need to use different keys. When a door needs to be normally opened, you can open the passage mode to change the Smart lock into a mechanical lock.

Tips The fingerprint information is stored locally in the lock and will not be uploaded to the app; When the lock is connected to the app, the unlock record will be synchronized to the app; When entering illegally, the app will also provide corresponding prompts (non instant prompts); After the app creates an account, other accounts will not be able to connect to the lock; The app account can be logged in on other phones to achieve lock control;




【🔐 App management】 up to 100 fingerprints and 100 passwords, and record the unlocking time (viewed in the application) ✅ . You can know if your family is safe at home. The application records the time and date when they used the password;
【🔐 Illegal input reminder function】 for some behaviors that do not have a password but are intended to be entered, the system will input the wrong password or fingerprint three times in a row ✅ Send reminders in the application;
【🔐 Normally open】 there is a button on the back of the lock that can be pressed and held for 1 second to open or close the passage mode ✅, When you need to frequently enter and exit the door, you can use this mode to temporarily turn the lock into a mechanical lock;
【🔐 Buy with confidence】: We provide a free replacement service✅ for 12 months (non human caused damage) and lifelong technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer service.

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