10GBase-ER SFP+ Transceiver, 10G 1550nm SMF, up to 40 km, Compatible with Cisco SFP-10G-ER, Meraki, Ubiquiti UniFi, Mikrotik, Netgear, D-Link, Supermicro, TP-Link, Broadcom, Linksys and More.


Price: $119.99
(as of Dec 18, 2023 18:44:12 UTC – Details)

Product Description

For Cisco P/N:SFP-10G-ER
10GBASE-ER SFP+ transceiver module for SMF, 1550-nm wavelength, LC duplex connector.

Data Rate: 10.3Gb/s
Wave Length: 1550-nm
Reach: 40KM
Fiber Type: SMF
Tx Power(dBm): -4.7~4
Rx Sens.(dBm):<-15.8
Temp.(℃): 0~70

Catalyst 3XXX Switch
Catalyst 3560-E/3560-X/3560-CX Series
Catalyst 3650 Series
Catalyst 3750/3750-E/3750-X Series
Catalyst 3850 Series
Catalyst 4XXX Switch
Catalyst 4500/4500-X Series
Catalyst 4900 Series
Cisco ME 4600 Series
Cisco ME 4900 Series
Catalyst 6XXX Switch
Catalyst 6500 Series
Catalyst 6800 Series
CRS Router
Cisco Shared PortAdapter (SPA)
ASR 9000/9000v Series Router
ASR 1000 Series Router
Cisco ASR 901 Series
Cisco ASR 903 Series
Cisco 4400 Series Router
Cisco SCE 8000
Cisco 7600 Series Router
Cisco RF Gateway Series
Cisco NCS 6000 Series Router
Industrial Ethernet
Cisco IE 5000 Series
Wireless LAN Controller
Cisco 5700 WLC Series
Data Center and Blade Switching
Cisco Catalyst 2350 Series
Cisco Catalyst 2360 Series
Cisco Catalyst 3100Blade Switches
Cisco Nexus 3000/4000/5000/7000/9000 Series
Cisco Unified Computing System
Cisco MDS 9000 Series
Metro Ethernet
Cisco ME 3600X
Cisco ME 3800X


In 10Gtek’s Compatibility Lab, we use unique EEPROM technique to ensure compatibility with different brands of switches and routers.

10Gtek’s 10G transceiver driver chips are from Maxim or Semtech and the laser chips are from ULM or Macom.

10G SR transceiver, Tx by 850-nm VCSEL, power is -6~-1dBm, Rx by PIN Sensitivity -11.1~-1dBm. Using MMF (OM3), up to 300-meter link lengths.

10G LR transceiver, Tx by 1310-nm DFB, power is -3~1dBm, Rx by PIN photo-detector -12.6~0.5dBm. Using SMF, up to 10km link lengths.

10G ER transceiver, Tx by 1550-nm Cooled EML laser, power is -1~4dBm, Rx by PIN photodiode -14.1~0.5dBm. Using SMF, up to 40km link lengths.

10G ZR transceiver, Tx by 1550-nm Cooled EML laser, power is 0~4dBm, Rx by APD photodiode -23~-8dBm. Using SMF, up to 80km link lengths.

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